Torben Ulrik Nissen in The Amazon, taken by Sam Abell

Torben Ulrik Nissen in The Amazon, taken by Sam Abell

As a photographer I have been documenting global humanitarian and ecological issues. In pursuit of these subjects I have traveled around the world for three decades to record and report on stories of consequence. My primary collaboration has been with Danish non-government organizations. I have also created and designed educational materials exploring the issues I have documented in my photography.

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‘Artists for the Amazon’

I am a member of this group. Artists for the Amazon is a growing group of creative minds brought together by Amazon Aid Foundation to raise awareness about the importance of the Amazon rainforest through art, music and entertainment.




Als & Sundeved – mad, mennesker og måltider



Samsø – mad og mennesker

Samsøbog   I have taken pictures to this book about a Danish island, focusing on people and food. It was published in 2015. Find the book:

The exhibition ‘Art on The Run’

I have been involved in a project focusing on art and artists in refugee camps. I took pictures in the refugee camp Kakuma in the Nothern part of Kenya. My pictures was a part of an exhibition eight places in Denmark together with paintings made by refugee artists. You will find the Kakuma pictures in ‘Kakuma Refugee Camp’.

The exhibition ‘AMAZONIA’

I met National Geographic photographer Sam Abell in the Amazon in 2003, and he invited me into his project. We made six expeditions to the Amazon from 2003 to 2009. In 2010 we had two exhibitions together, in Eugene Oregon and in New York. The exhibitions show the story of our collaboration during six years.

New York

Through November and December 2010 ‘AMAZONIA’ was shown at Westwood Gallery, Broadway 568, Soho, New York. The exhibition was curated by James Cavello.

Eugene, Oregon

From January to May 2010  ‘AMAZONIA’ was shown at The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon. See the Gallery: The Amazon
Amazonia Eugene

See an interview:

  See the video ‘AMAZONIA’ I made the video as a part of the project and the exibition ‘AMAZONIA’ – and to benefit Amazon Aid Foundation – see Amazon
Find the book ‘AMAZONIA’: